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One of the main topics in Car Key Locksmith is Smart Parking Door Lock. For most people, the parking door is not much different from other entries in terms of security, and they think it is not easy to open it. But it is easy for a thief to open. It is one of the most vulnerable locations of the house.

A burglar can unlock a regular parking door in just a few seconds. Here’s a vital question: How can we keep the parking door secure?

The best answer to this question from a Car Key Locksmith expert is to use a “smart parking door lock”.

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Why Are Parking Doors A Weakness In Home Security?

As mentioned, increasing the parking door’s security is an essential part of building security, but unfortunately, many homeowners neglect it. Many people who call an auto locksmith near me after a burglary say that the thief entered their house from the parking door.

Electric remote controls have many disadvantages, such as losing the remote and its breakdown. Also, sometimes the security system does not work correctly and does not close the door completely. With a regular lock, thieves can easily and quickly enter the parking lot, steal cars parked inside the parking, and even rob residential units in the building. The smart door lock is what most people are looking for.

Car Key Locksmith Suggestions

With the improvement of technology, there are new solutions in auto locksmith near me that increase building security.

Smart Parking Door Remote

Many companies manufacture remotes that are connected to the home WiFi system. The remote is synchronized with the application and controlled by phone or computer.

notifications will be sent to the user if a problem occurs or someone enters the parking lot. Owners can also close or open the parking door remotely.

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Advantages Of Smart Parking Door Lock

The advantages of using a smart lock in parking for auto locksmith near me services are as follows:

  • Prevent the intrusion of thieves
  • Possibility to open and close the parking door remotely
  • Sending a notification to the user if the door is opened
  • Sending notification to the user for unauthorized enterance
  • Reduce maintenance needs
  • Convenience and easy access anytime, anywhere
  • Ability to use a mobile phone

Essential Points About The Parking Security

It is crucial to regard the following tips to increase the security of the parking lot:

  1. Close the enterance door when entering or leaving the parking lot.
  2. Do not place the automatic remote in the car.
  3. Using CCTV outside and inside the parking reduces theft probability because thieves always steal from less secure places.
  4. Make sure you close the parking door when you leave it.

Car Key Locksmith

Most people are not familiar with the benefits of smart parking door locks! Because they consider using a regular remote as the best solution. But as we explained, using a simple remote has many disadvantages. Therefore, a smart lock can be the best solution. Call us If you have any question in this regard.

Even if you do not use a smart lock, check the parking door every month and contact Car Key Locksmith or an emergency Locksmith provider if there is a problem there.


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