Residential Locksmith 

 Your home may be vulnerable to theft or unwanted visitors, so you need to make sure it’s secure. That’s where we come in, ask a reputable mobile residential locksmith to secure your doors and windows. Before that, it is essential to pay attention to a few points:

 • Avoid strangers entering your home, as this allows learning about your security systems.

 • Hide valuables from places that are visible from the outside.

 • Don’t talk to unreliable people about your possessions and valuables.

 • Have a guard dog in your yard and install a sign to let others know he is there.

 • When you want to go on a long trip, ask a friend to visit your house from time to time and check the security system.

Now you’ve taken the first steps to secure your home; its Swift Locksmiths turn to install that extra level of added protection. Our mobile residential locksmith expertise is in home lock installation, smart lock installation, lock repair, changing house locks, house lockout, key replacement, broken key extraction, window lock repair, emergency locksmith and auto locksmith. We are here to help, as a residential locksmith service in Melbourne. 

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Residential Locksmith

Home lock installation

Have you recently built your new home and are you looking for the best mobile residential locksmith in Melbourne to secure it? Are you looking for an after-hours locksmith? Our team is made up of local experts, and we are mobile residential locksmith services.

 Swift locksmiths home installation service includes the following:

  • Domestic locks
  • Gate security
  • Letterbox, filing and cabinet keys
  • Padlocks

Smart lock installation

In the future, automatic locks will replace traditional locks, and you can keep your home safe even when you’re not home.

 Most locksmith customers call to replace their locks with smart locks. Installing an intelligent lock makes any part of your home secure and impenetrable.

 If you have questions about the cost of smart lock installation, please contact a locksmith to guide you. The Swift Locksmiths team are an after-hours locksmith and always available.


Lock repair

Your locks are the most crucial part of your home security, so make sure they are up to date and secure. As the doors lock and unlock over time, the locks will break or wear out. Contact us, an emergency locksmith that is open 24 hours, we can help you as soon as you see such a situation. In most cases, repairing the lock solves the problem, but in some cases, the locks must be replaced. Our mobile residential locksmith will guide you to find which is the right solution for you. If you don’t use an expert team to repair the locks, the locks will be more damaged, and you will have to pay more to replace them. Swift Locksmiths is the best residential locksmith in Melbourne for lock repairs. We also work on the automotive locksmith field.

House lockout

It can happen to anyone, that they are left at home without a way inside, due to losing their key, asking themselves who is the residential locksmith near me. In this case, you do not need to break your window and damage your home. Call the nearest residential locksmith in Melbourne that is an after-hours locksmith and ask for help.

We are a residential locksmith in Melbourne and able to unlock smart and standard locks without damaging the lock or door unless a replacement is required. Swift Locksmiths offer the best residential locksmith services at a low cost; we are a reputable locksmith in the Melbourne area.

Window lock repair and installation

Windows locks are as crucial as doors locks, and sometimes even more so as most thieves enter the house through the windows.

 It would help if you secured the windows of your home. We specialise in installing and repairing all types of window lock, such as sliding and casement windows.

 If you see a problem in your windows lock, contact us, your local residential locksmith. If you want to secure your home by changing the locks, contact us, a reputable mobile residential locksmith in Melbourne. Swift Locksmiths offers 24-hour Locksmith in Melbourne.

Broken key extraction

If the locks or your key begin to wear out, the key may break inside the lock, and you may not be able to open the door. In such cases, don’t try to pull the broken key out of yourself and damage the lock. Call a mobile residential locksmith in Melbourne and wait. Swift Locksmiths is an after-hours locksmith and send its closest residential locksmith team to your location after the call. Our locksmith professionals encounter such cases every day and have gained much knowledge. In a short time, we will remove the broken key and replace it with a new one. If your lock needs to be repaired, we will repair the lock if you want so that it doesn’t happen again. Search residential locksmith near me to find our number.


Other services

We can help with any locksmith or lock, key and security related problem in the Melbourne area. Give our friendly team a call today; no job is too big or too small for our team. Stuck in a sticky situation and think, maybe a locksmith could help? Give us a call, and we can talk to you about your problem and give you the best solution and idea of the services our team can offer to help.


Do you need an auto locksmith services?

Is the speed and expertise of the emergency locksmith vital to you? Are you looking for a residential locksmith in Melbourne or a 24-hour locksmith? Swift’s professional and friendly mobile residential locksmith team are your go-to team!

 We look forward to your call.

When home security issues are important to you, Swift locksmiths is your best support to reach your goal. When you feel stuck behind the door, residential locksmith services can help open the doors for you.

Our residential locksmith services include installing, repairing, replacing, maintaining locks and emergency locksmith in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs like Carlton, Doncaster, Coburg, Bundoora, Malvern, McKinnon, Sunshine and much more.

We are also professionals in the car locksmith field. All our residential locksmith services use first-class brands, so you won’t have to worry about them for years to come. Search residential locksmith near me and get connected with our team.


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