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Locksmith Heidelberg is part of Swift Locksmiths Services that is a Melbourne mobile locksmith and provide locksmith services within Heidelberg. We are also known as the impi locksmith Heidelberg. Our main services at Heidelberg Locksmith are 24-hour emergency, home and car locksmith. Each of these departments has its specialist, and they will be sent to your place immediately.

Our Heidelberg locksmith services include:

  • 24/7 Emergency Heidelberg locksmith service
  • Master & Restricted Key Systems
  • lock repairs & maintenance
  • replacement & new Locking systems
  • Residential locksmith Heidelberg
  • Commercial locksmith Heidelberg
  • Automotive locksmith Heidelberg
  • Rekeying
  • Mailbox Locks
  • Duplicate Keys


24/7 Emergency Heidelberg locksmith service

Mobile locksmiths in Heidelberg provide emergency locksmith services to citizens there, but not all of them are available 24 hours a day. Since accidents happen at certain times, you need to have the number 24/7 locksmith in Heidelberg Vic so that he can help you even in the middle of the night. There are services like repairing and replacing locks and keys in our emergency service, so do not worry about problems.

Master & Restricted Key Systems

Leave the security of master & restricted key systems to us to ensure the safety of your building. Main locks and entrances are an essential part of building security and should be given much attention. For companies and stores, it is better to choose the digital type so that the building has up-to-date and high security. If you are in Melbourne and looking for a locksmith near Heidelberg, Swift Locksmiths is one of the best locksmiths, Heidelberg.

lock repairs & maintainance

Repair your rusty and damaged locks so that you don’t have any problems when you are in a hurry. It also closes the door for thieves to infiltrate. Contact us to repair your old locks, Swift Locksmiths well-known name in locksmith Heidelberg Gauteng. We cover all parts of Heidelberg, even you looking for a Heidelberg locksmith burgundy street, we will be there in the shortest possible time.

replacement & new Locking systems

Replace your home and shop locks to increase the security of your building. Old and broken locks are the best way for thieves to break in, so contact a locksmith Heidelberg Melbourne before you lose your money. We specialize in replacing and installing all types of door and window locks, and all our Heidelberg locksmith services are competitively priced and inexpensive. We are a mobile locksmith in Melbourne, and we arrive immediately.

Residential locksmith Heidelberg

Protect your family from thieves and robbers. How about Quality and safe locks. If you are in Heidelberg and you are looking for the locksmith Heidelberg west or locksmith Burgundy street Heidelberg, contact us. Our home locking services include installation, repair and replacement of door and window locks. From digital and smart locks to Lever Handle Locks, everything is available in the mobile locksmith Heidelberg.

Commercial locksmith Heidelberg

Commercial locks are one of the most important security components of a business. We are a mobile locksmith in Heidelberg with several years of experience in locksmithing and key making in Melbourne. Most customers are familiar with the name Swift Locksmiths, and we owe this to our expert team. Call 1300 1000 30 to repair and replace the locks of commercial buildings.

Automotive locksmith Heidelberg

Car locks are more sensitive than door and window locks, so be very careful and contact a professional locksmith team in Heidelberg if your lock is damaged. Swift Locksmiths has a skilled team in car locking in Heidelberg; you can contact us in case of emergency if your lock broke or the car lock system has a problem. We will help you in less than half an hour.


Your keys are missing, and you can not open the door? Need an immediate lock on Heidelberg? Swift Locksmiths is a well-known name among locksmiths in Heidelberg. One of our services is key making, and if you have problems at any time of the day or night, we are ready to provide services. Contact our friendly team and submit your request to open the locked doors for you. Call, submit your request and wait. Swift Locksmiths is known for its fast and accurate service.

Mailbox Locks

The mailbox is one of the most private parts of the house that should have a good and secure lock. Contact us to protect your packages and letters. We are a trusted locksmith Heidelberg heights.

Duplicate Keys

We will copy your keys so that if you lose and forget one of them, you will have its spare and will not be left behind. We copy all kinds of keys in the car, house and shop and use high-quality materials. Swift Locksmiths is one of the locksmiths Heidelberg who is well known and professional in the field of locksmithing.

Contact Us For A Quote or Estimate!

Our consultants and support team at locksmith Heidelberg are here to guide you. You may not know what type of lock is best for your building, or you may want to inquire about the price. We are here to guide you in any field, from the locks of small houses to warehouses and large commercial buildings. If you are looking for the best locksmiths in Heidelberg, we are one of them.

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