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Mobile Commercial Locksmith Melbourne


One of the biggest concerns of business owners is establishing company security. Having a standard lock may not be enough to increase the security of your company; you may want to look at using high-security locks built by reputable brands.

Give our friendly team of mobile locksmiths a call, and we can help you replace your old locks for something new and updated or implement high-security locks for your commercial property.


Mobile Locksmith Melbourne Services includes:

  • Office lockouts
  • Installing new locks for doors and windows
  • Replacing and repairing fail locks
  • Change mailboxes locks
  • Repairing and unlocking file cabinets
  • Replacing rusty padlocks
  • Reprogramming digital locks
  • An after-hours locksmith
24 hour Commercial locksmith services near me in Melburneth

Office lockouts

If you are locked out of your office and in a hurry, don’t worry. You don’t need to ask anyone to break the window and open the door for you. Just call us, your friendly locksmith and ask for help.
If you are in Melbourne or surrounding suburbs and don’t have emergency locksmith number search for the best commercial locksmith near me. Swift Locksmiths will send its 24-hour commercial locksmith team as soon as they receive a call and register your location. We use knowledge and technology to unlock the door of your building and workplace without damage.

Installing new locks for doors and windows

Your company’s locks may be broken or damaged, or maybe you want to change your locks to increase the security of the company. You may ask your employees, who are the best locksmith near me? Swift locksmiths are a well-known name throughout Melbourne and specialise in installing all types of door and window locks. We are a commercial locksmith that can help you during and after business hours. We also install digital locks and keypads, magnetic locks, fingerprint readers, and electric strikes, so call us.

Replacing and repairing fail locks

Locks will wear out after years of excessive opening and locking, and if a reputable brand is not used, they will need to be repaired or replaced sooner. We are a commercial locksmith in Melbourne, so regardless of the time, you can contact Swift Locksmiths, we are available 24/7.

Replacing rusty padlocks

You may use padlocks to lock the gate, warehouse or other areas of your company. Our commercial mobile locksmith services can help. If there is a problem with the padlock, contact our commercial locksmith team. We can replace your lock with a high-quality one.

Change mailboxes or cabinets locks

Some locks may be more prone to damage than others, such as mailbox & cabinet locks. They are mostly used during the day and are opened and closed. In such cases, if you contact our mobile commercial locksmith, we will send an emergency locksmith expert. After checking, we will inform you whether your lock should be replaced or just repaired with no additional cost is required.


To find the best commercial locksmith in Melbourne, ask Google, who is the best commercial locksmith near me. Introduce yourself to the Swift Locksmith team. We are a 24-hour locksmith service, providing you with emergency locksmith services 24 hours a day.


Don’t be indifferent to damaged locks. A good lock increases the security of your office, and you can do your job stress-free. Swift locksmiths are here to help you.

An after hours locksmith

Why does a locksmith need to be an after-hours locksmith? First of all, the failure of locks doesn’t always happen during working time. Secondly, you may want to repair or replace your locks after business hours so as not to disturb the work of employees. The best choice is a commercial locksmith that serves the surrounding cities like Carlton, Doncaster, Coburg, Bundoora, Malvern, McKinnon, Sunshine, Burwood and more. Do you want to secure your business by changing the locks? Call mobile Locksmith Melbourne.

Reprogramming digital locks

Have you found your digital lock program is not working correctly? We can reprogram it to work just as well as the first time. At Swift Locksmiths, we take care of the security of your business. After a call to our mobile commercial locksmith, we will be there to review and list all the requirements of your needs. If you need to update your security system and need commercial locksmith services or need an emergency locksmith cause of a problem with the locks and it must be fixed immediately, call 1300 100 030.

Now it’s time for your questions and Swift Locksmiths answers so you can get to know more about our mobile commercial locksmith services in Melbourne.

Have your questions answered by Swift Locksmiths – Learn more about our mobile commercial locksmith services.

Q. I was looking for an emergency commercial locksmith near me, and I found your number on the internet. Are you an after-hours locksmith, and can you send a locksmith to my business at any time?

Yes, Swift Locksmiths is an after-hours locksmith service based in Melbourne that works on residential locksmith, commercial and car an automotivelocksmith fields. We are available 24/7, so don’t worry about the time.

Q.I’m looking for a commercial locksmith near me. The digital lock on my office’s glass door has a problem, could your emergency locksmith fix it and check all my company locks?
Yes, Swift Locksmiths is a commercial locksmith in Melbourne that specialises in a variety of locks. If you are not in a hurry, we can come after work time and check all of the doors, windows, and cabinet locks. Swift Locksmiths is a well-known mobile commercial locksmith in Melbourne.
Q.I found you when I was searching for the best commercial locksmith near me, and I’m in a hurry! How long does it take for your commercial locksmith team to reach my company?
It depends on the distance of your company from our established team. After receiving your call, we will send our team as soon as possible. The maximum time it will take us to reach you is 45 minutes.
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