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Your home could be vulnerable to theft and harassment, so you need to make sure it is secure. We recommend you ask a reputable…



One of the biggest concerns of business owners is establishing company security. The number of thefts is high…



If you have lost your car key or left your keys in the car, we offer you 24-hour automotive locksmith services, to provides the solutions….



Locked out and stuck at home or your workplace door? Search ‘locksmith near me’ and make a call to Swifts Locksmiths Melbourne…


cksmith Services In Melburne; Who we service?

If you have lost your home key, if your home key is broken or tilted, if you are looking for an emergency locksmith team to secure your home with advanced locks and up to date technology, our service will meet your needs.

If you are sitting at work and the security system has a problem, or if you need to replace or repair your locks. Maybe you want to equip your company with the latest technology such as computer locks and keypads, fingerprint readers, magnetic locks and electric strikes? Our mobile locksmith team can help you with any solution you need.

Suppose you’ve locked your keys in the car, if you have lost your car key and can’t find it, or if the car key is severely damaged and a new key need to be created, contact Swift Locksmiths by searching locksmith services near me. We specialise in making keys and unlocking luxury and anti-theft vehicles. 

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locksmith services in melbourne

Where we service?

If you need a locksmith service in Melbourne and it is essential for you to be on time, Swift Locksmiths is the right choice for you. After your first call, we will send our locksmith team as soon as possible. We specialise in home, office, shop and auto locksmith services and have been working in this field for many years. Just dial 1300 100 030 or search locksmith services near me to find us. Call us today for lock repairs and installations in Melbourne.

 We have many customers from Melbourne and surrounding suburbs including Carlton, Doncaster, Coburg, Bundoora, Malvern, McKinnon, Sunshine, Burwood, Prahran, Heidelberg and surrounds, who trust our 24-hour locksmith services. Most of our customers are looking for an emergency locksmith service and ask who the best car locksmith service near me is? We have met their needs by providing 24-hour locksmith services.

 Our 24-hour locksmith services include installation, repair and maintenance of home locks, commercial locks and cars locks. If you have a problem in these fields, call our expert locksmith team to help you. You can ask your friends and neighbors about our emergency locksmith because Swift Locksmiths is a well-known locksmith service in Melbourne.

24 hour locksmith services
24 hour locksmith services in melbourne near me

Here are some questions the Swift Locksmiths support team can help you with:

Do you also specialize in locking safes and providing 24-hour locksmith services in this area?

Yes, our specialist locksmiths work in the field of safes, from small house safes to government centres and stores. If you need a wall safe, high-security safe, fire safe, data safe, or any other type of safe, we can be there immediately.

I was looking for a car locksmith near me and found your number. Your mobile locksmith, service all car models?

Yes. It does not matter if your car model is old or new. We can program a new transponder key for you if your vehicle is modern or make new keys for older cars. Swift offers automotive locksmith services in Melbourne.

My company key is broken inside the lock and I need an emergency locksmith. How long does it take for you to arrive and unlock the door?

We are 24-hour locksmith services. The arrival time of our specialists depends on your location, it usually takes between 30-45 minutes to reach the desired location, and the lock repair time is estimated after expertise assessment.

I want to replace all the door and window locks in my house and use digital locks. How much is the cost of the lock replacement on your locksmith services in Melbourne?

Pricing rates vary depending on the brand of products used, but we assure you that our price is very competitive with other locksmith services in Melbourne. Also, we install the best locks that you can use for years without breaking down. We are well-known 24-hour locksmith services in Melbourne.


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