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Swift Locksmiths provide extensive services in the field of the automotive, commercial, residential locksmith. Our service included lock change, car lockout, new car keys, transponder key made, ignition malfunction, house lockout, safe home, break in recovery, lock re-key, business security and window locks.


Swift Locksmiths is a 24 hour emergency locksmith. We also provide fast locksmith services to Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. Don’t worry if you have lost your key or left it in the car, or if your key is broken and you need mobile locksmith services. Just search emergency locksmith near me, call us and wait – Swift Locksmiths will be there soon.

Automotive Emergencies

We are an auto locksmith in Melbourne and have been working in this field for many years. Automotive Locksmith includes repairing and replacing car locks. When is an emergency locksmith needed?, What is the car locksmith near me? or What is the 24-hour emergency Locksmith number?

These are the questions that come to mind when you need emergency services. When the car door is locked and does not open, when the car key is stuck in the lock or broken, when the car key is left in it, you need an after-hours locksmith. Swift locksmiths come to your aid with locksmith emergency services. Just search for an locksmith near me to find us.

Car Keys Made

If you have lost your car key and don’t have a spare key, if your key breaks and you need locksmith emergency services, call 1300100030. We will make a new key for you in a short time, no matter what your car model is, we will do it. Swift Locksmiths is a 24-hour emergency locksmith, and you can find Swift by searching locksmith near me.

House and office Lockout

We may all forget to pick up our keys and leave them at work or at home. In this situation, we should call a mobile locksmith and ask him to help us. We are an emergency locksmith in Melbourne, and when you need locksmith emergency services, Swift locksmiths are the best choice for you.

High-security locks

If you want to change your home locks for more security and install high-security locks, contact a residential locksmith for guidance. To replace and install the locks, you must find a professional locksmith. Swift Locksmiths is a reputable emergency locksmith in Melbourne, and you can find this by searching for the best locksmith near me.

Lock change

In some cases, if your lock is broken or worn, you will need to change your lock. This includes the house, car, office and shop locks. To change the car lock, ask which is car locksmith near me? To change the home and office lock, find a mobile locksmith who specialises in replacing your home lock. To change shop lock call an locksmith. Swift locksmiths is an after-hours locksmith and will be there in a short time.

Lock repair

When the key is stuck in the lock, it may be a sign that the lock is broken. In this case, do not press the key and call an emergency locksmith Melbourne. We use state-of-the-art technology to extract the key and repair the lock. Swift locksmiths is a 24-hour locksmith to help you any time of day.

New lock installation

New lock installation needs if your lock is broken and can’t be repaired or your lock is old, and you want to use modern locks with higher security. Replacing locks is very important and will increase the security of your home and office if you get help from a professional mobile locksmith.

After hours Locksmith

The most important feature of an emergency locksmith is that be a 24-hour locksmith and available 24/7. Because in night emergencies such as home locked out or breaking car key, you can’t wait for the day to arrive. Please search on the internet for an emergency locksmith near me and call to us. We are after-hours locksmith Melbourne and surrounding areas. Just call 1300100030 and calm down till our emergency locksmith team arrive.


Now let’s look at the questions and answers in the field of emergency and mobile locksmith:

Q. my car locked out and after asking for an emergency locksmith near me, most people introduce Swift locksmiths. Is the cost of automotive locksmith service high because of the popularity of your brand?

Absolutely not. One of the reasons we are so popular is the reasonable prices we offer. So don’t worry about the price, we are a 24-hour locksmith Melbourne, and we are skilled in unlocking cars.

Q.You mentioned that you are an after-hours locksmith. Does a 24-hour locksmith emergency service cost more?

Usually, the locksmith costs are more in the early morning and late at night, and it is better to call at the right time if you don’t need locksmith emergency services. And another point is to ask for the amount of cost and make a decision before receiving the service. Rest assured that Swift locksmiths offer the best price to its customers after years of service in the field of an emergency locksmith.

Q. What kind of service does your emergency services offer?

We are an after-hours locksmith and available 24/7. If you ask who is the best 24-hour locksmith near me, who is the professional locksmith in Melbourne, Swift Locksmiths is your answer. Our field of work is very diverse, and in the services section, you can learn more about Swift and its emergency services.

Q. Do your locksmith emergency services include cities around Melbourne like Bundoora?

Yes. Swift is an after-hours locksmith, and our emergency services include Melbourne and nearby cities like Carlton, Doncaster, Coburg, Bundoora, Malvern, Mc Kinnon, Sunshine, Burwood, Prahan and Heidelberg.


Don’t worry and call 1300100030. We guide you on residential, commercial, store and automotive locksmith field and will arrive at your destination in no time. Swift Locksmiths are the top Locksmith in Melbourne with 24-hour locksmith services. You can search for the locksmith near me to see that we told the truth.

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