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If someone wants to be a good locksmith and provide reliable local locksmith services, He must know the different locks and their structure. In this article of the Swift locksmith website, we will discuss electromagnetic locks.

Local Locksmith Guide For Electromagnetic Locks Structure

One of the locks used in different commercial centers is the electromagnetic lock, a modern lock with impressive capabilities. These types of locks have high impact resistance and do not have problems with power outages.

They consist of two main components:

  1. Rectangular electromagnet part
  2. Rectangular ferrous-metal strike plate

So electromagnetic lock consists of a coiled steel plate and a metal part. Its basis is the magnetic property between these two parts.

The steel plate, which acts as an electric magnet, is attached to the door’s header and the metal part to the door’s moving section (in a position that lets it meet the magnet when the door closes).

The electric magnet’s current creates a strong field that attracts the metal and keeps the door closed. The locking force depends on the winding strength of the steel plate.

Electromagnetic Locks Structure

In addition to generating magnetic force, this coil strengthens the magnetic property of the lock.

These locks are classified according to the amount of magnetic force. The electromagnet is usually powered by 12 to 24 DC volts at 3 to 8 watts and provide 300 to 3000 pounds of holding power.

We use these locks for aluminium doors, glass doors, automatic doors, and doors requiring traffic control.

Due to the lack of mechanical components, the doors open and close without making any noise, so they are very suitable for hospitals and emergency exit doors. It’s an irreplaceable part of access control systems in the world.

Locksmith services

Locksmith services

Electromagnetic Locks In Fire Alarm System

One of the main applications of these locks is in a fire alarm system. If the building has a fire alarm system, the electromagnetic lock must be connected to its control system.

When the technician connects the lock to a fire alarm system,  its power source is automatically disconnected in case of emergency (when the fire alarm is activated). Individuals can open the door quickly.

In short, magnetic locks are cost-effective, high-security devices. They don’t rely on releasing a bolt or a latch for security like ordinary mechanical locks.


Electromagnetic locks have two significant disadvantages, which is essential in locksmith service near me.

  • They are expensive and cost many times more than regular high-security mechanical locks.
  • People are not familiar with these locks and find them less attractive than mechanical ones.
locksmith service near me

locksmith service near me

What Happens In Case Of A Power Outages?

One of the biggest concerns about magnetic locks in local locksmith service near me is power outages.

What happens if there is a sudden blackout for any Intentional and unintentional reason?

No need to worry! There are standby batteries that provide DC power. Moreover, it is secure because no part of the lock or power supply wires is accessible from the outside of the door.

Through a local locksmith website, you can order different types of locks and install them on your commercial property. If you have any questions about locksmith services, you can contact us.


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