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In Locksmith Near Me services, defining a precise definition for the lock isn’t as easy as it sounds. If you disagree with this statement, start with yourself. Try to determine the lock before reading further. Isn’t that challenging work?

Sometimes we get used to objects’ existence, and they become so apparent to us, but if we want to define it in words, we can not. Let’s get help from dictionaries.

Cambridge dictionary is a powerful dictionary that users and linguists around the world have praised. It describes the lock as a device that avoids something such as a door from being opened. You can only open it with a specific key. A lock bolt can be released by inserting and turning a specific key.

Types Of Door Locks And Their Applications – Locksmith Near Me

Usually, three types of locks are used for building security.

  • Entrance Door And Parking Lock

For the safety of the outside of the house, you must first choose a suitable lock for the main entrance door or parking lot. In this regard, there are various models in the market; the two most common types are simple and electric entrance door locks.

  • Building Entrance Door Lock

These locks usually consist of two models: simple and anti-theft.

  •  Indoor Door Locks
residential locksmith

residential locksmith

Lock Names

Identifying locks is usually based on their utilisation. But Some locks have been named according to appearances, security characteristics, installation process, material, internal construction, or manufacturer.

You have probably heard the names of locks whose names indicate their common usages like trailer lock and bicycle lock. These locks have many uses in general car locksmith.

Suppose you plan to ride a bike and do some daily shopping while riding, but you can’t because someone may steal your bike when you go shopping. Some people ask a locksmith near me to make a special U shape lock for them, which is standard lock form for bicycle locks.

Car locksmiths and residential locksmith often utilise names that describe a lock’s installation method or its manufacturing construction, such as rim, mortise, and bored lock. Also, some names describe a lock’s internal construction.

car locksmith

car locksmith

Here are some common lock names in the locksmith industry:

  •  A rim lock: It is any lock designed to be mounted on the door surface. Rim lock has a famous type which you’ve probably heard of it: The interlocking deadbolt.
  •  A mortise lock: Locksmiths install it in a hollowed-out cavity. They usually install mortise locks in a cavity or cutout.
  • A bored lock: Residential locksmiths install it by cross-boring two holes: the cylinder and the bolt.
  • lever tumbler
  • disc tumbler
  • pin tumbler
  • A key-in-knob lock: one of the most popular locks used on Residential Houses
  • A lever lock: it is a key-in-knob lock with levers rather than knobs
  • A deadbolt lock: it is one of the most secure types of locks. An interlocking deadbolt or jimmy-proof is often applied on exterior doors of houses.

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