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One of the most severe difficulties we face after buying a car is car safety. car locksmith recommend using a steering wheel lock to increase vehicle security against theft significantly.

The steering wheel lock has several different models in the market with different appearance and locking systems. Including:

  • Standard steering wheel lock
  • Encrypted steering wheel lock

To buy the best steering wheel lock, you need to know the car locksmith points we will address in the next section.

car locksmith near me

car locksmith near me

Car Locksmith Near Me: Why Should We Buy A Steering Wheel Lock?

Many factors effectively increase cars’ security, including parking the car in a suitable and safe place, using alarms, steering wheel lock, and pedal lock.

According to auto locksmiths, a steering wheel lock and the pedal lock can slow down a car thieve. Although most thieves can unlock them, these security products prolong the theft time.

Do not underestimate the importance of increasing the theft time. Using steering wheel locks, especially in areas where the risk of car theft is very high, can provide reasonable security for your car.

In addition to physical security, steering locks make car theft more difficult psychologically.

Lock Type

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, steering wheel locks differ in appearance and lock type. Some modern types have digital locks and cryptographic locks.


The steering wheel lock’s length follows the diameter of the car steering wheel and the car model. In some cars, the steering wheel’s diameter is larger, while in other models, it is smaller.

You can use auto locksmith advice to choose a good one. Try to buy the product according to the size of the steering wheel and the car model.

emergency locksmith

emergency locksmith

Locking Material

To buy a pedal lock and steering wheel lock, you must pay attention to its material. Reputable manufacturers often pay attention to this point and try to produce durable and safe products.

Anti-shear steel locks have high weight and strength and can resist thieves, so most auto locksmiths use them. Most steering wheel locks have a cover that is often made of industrial leather or PVC to prevent damage to the steering wheel.

Steering Wheel Lock Price

We recommend you to buy a quality steering wheel lock, even if it is a little expensive. Because in general, the higher the expense of safety products, the stronger their structure and the higher the quality.

Remember to ask an emergency locksmith to repair it as soon as it breaks down and replace it if it is not repairable. We hope this article has aided you to select and purchase the steering wheel lock.

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