Mobile Locksmith Service For Smart Door Locks

Smart Door Locks installation and repair is one of the most widely used Mobile Locksmith services provided in specialized commercial and residential Locksmiths centres. Smart door locks, also known as Digital locks are mostly installed on the entrance door.

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Smart Locks Pros

There are several significant benefits to use these locks, including:

  • Quick and easy access
  • They Cannot Be Copied: it is impossible to copy the key, because they have digital encryption.
  • Control: it provides a fantastic control for you. That is, you know whether the door is locked or unlocked whenever you want.
  • Just one key: You do not need to carry a large key ring in your bag or pocket, and also, you don’t have to call Mobile Locksmith in Melbourne because of losing your key. One key can open several doors!
  •  No worry about losing a key: One of the most important benefits is that you no longer worry about losing your key. Because you can easily remove the access rights of the lost keys.
  • More Security: if you ask a commercial and residential Locksmiths technician about the Comparison of the safety level in new and old locks, the answer is that smart locks are much more secure than mechanical ones.
  • Beauty and uniquness: Smart locks are beautiful. Their appearance is so attractive that some people equip the entrance door with a smart lock when they want to sell a house! Because the modern and stylish appearance attract attention and make anyone satisfied.

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Smart Locks cons From Mobile Locksmith Point Of View

So much for the pros, let’s talk about its cons from the 24 hour locksmith near me aspect:

  1. Higher Cost: The cost of purchasing and installing these locks is higher. Installing expenses is determined after visiting the site and initial evaluationSmart locks have a higher purchase price than traditional locks; you will need a residential Locksmiths specialist to install the lock and sync it with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The cost of repairing and maintenance is also high. But your security level and peace of mind are worth it.
  2. Potential For Hacking: Smart locks may be at risk of being hacked for password detection. Of course, there is an excellent solution to this problem; the system will automatically notify the owner or even the police if an unauthorized user get access.
  3. Requires Battery: Unlike traditional locks, electric locks work with batteries. Therefore, when the battery runs out, the device will no longer work. Consequently, it is necessary to remember to replace the new battery with an old one.


  1. What is the power supply of a smart lock?
    All smart locks have batteries. Battery life and the number of batteries depends on the lock model and its consumption. The device warns you to replace the batteries before they run out.
  2. What should I do if I lost my smart key?
    You can easily remove the lost key access by following the instructions in the manual. You do not need the help of a Mobile Locksmith specialist to do this.

These locks have various security systems that bring you more peace and safety. Here in Swift, a 24 hour locksmith, we provide all services related to installation, repair and maintenance of them.


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