Emergency Locksmith Guide To Prevent Manipulations Of Keys

Our ancestors have always sought ways to secure their belongings under the influence of instinct. Archaeologists believe that the Ancient Egyptians invented the first lock, which was a wooden pin about 4,000 years ago.

As long as we use locks, intruders will try to access the inside through lock manipulations. That is why emergency locksmiths are always making endless efforts to make locks better and safer.

It can be said that the first human security barrier against thieves has been the locks, which has not lost their effectiveness so far.

If you look at the history of locks, you will find that they all have the same purpose and only differ in how they work.

Thanks to residential and commercial locksmith efforts, modern locks are more durable than old ones, but unauthorized access is still possible by manipulating the locks.

Emergency locksmiths name, hammering, piercing, breaking, and unauthorized duplication of keys as the most common lock tricks.

This article offers an overview of the most known key manipulation methods and ways to prevent them.

Commercial locksmith

Commercial locksmith

Skeleton Key

Despite the invention of digital locks and their high security, the most common locks in the world are mechanical locks that have a very simple mechanism.

Perhaps the main reason for choosing regular locks is that they are cheap. Card locks, encrypted locks, fingerprint locks are more expensive.

The practice of making a key without having it is one of the most popular methods of lock manipulation. Skeleton Key is made to fit many locks by having the interior serrated edge removed.

The notches on the key match the pins inside the lock to unlock. If the lock core has fewer pins, it may be easier to open because fewer components should be manipulated.

Car locksmiths, Residential and commercial locksmiths should make Locks with more pins to prevent this manipulation.

Emergency Locksmith For Broken Locks

The most common way to damage locks is to break the inner cylinder of it. In this case, by applying pressure to the lock cylinder, its ridges are broken, and the locking property is lost.

According to the commercial locksmith, thieves can use a variety of tools to break the lock. When the lock’s head is broken, the inner mechanism is exposed, so only a screwdriver is needed to operate the lock and access it.

The best way to avoid such a problem is to improve the lock to a new anti-theft type. Anti-theft locks have a break-resistant system to prevent the lock from being manipulated by breaking. This is also important in car security, and car locksmiths must keep it in their mind.

Car locksmith

Car locksmith

Unauthorized Key Duplication

Despite the 24 hour locksmith recommendation, Most people are careless in keeping their keys. They leave it on the table and in their bag.

This allows unauthorized users to easily access and copy keys. Therefore, carelessness can increase the risk of keys being copied.

Smart locks have an advantage in this regard, and you can manage authorized people well through fingerprint or password.

If you want to replace the locks, you can ask your residential or commercial locksmith to use these locks. 24 hour locksmith can work with home lock, digital lock, safe lock and even access control system.

Therefore, always use a safe 24 hour locksmith and observe safety considerations. We are prepared to provide emergency locksmith services to you. If you have any questions or need help, contact us.


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