Analysing Different Safes Types By Locksmiths

Locksmiths divide safes into different models based on their characteristics and applications. If we make the right choice, we can secure our valuable documents and assets. According to locksmith near me specialists, a safe may be suitable for one application, but the same safe is not a good option for another person. Each safe is ideal for a specific use and may not be sufficiently responsive to other needs.

For example, digital safes are more challenging to unlock than classic safes, while traditional models are more durable. Of course, emergency locksmiths can help you when the safe key is lost, broken and not opened for any reason.

In this post on the Swift website, an emergency locksmith in Melbourne, we want to introduce you to different types of safes; So that you can make the best choice according to your needs.

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Safes In Terms Of Features – locksmith

Some features make the safe suitable for certain applications.

Fireproof Safes

As the name implies, the most chief feature of this product is fire resistance. Many times, a building is completely burnt down, and the only things that remain intact are safes. For this reason, locksmith near me service providers always recommend using them.

There are many types of fireproof safes, which are classified based on the heat resistance level. These products are usually used in workshops and neighbourhoods where the fire is more likely. So if your safe is a place to store essential documents; You should choose a model that is fireproof and has a high resistance to heat.

Digital Safes

The world of binary codes has also entered the lock making and safe manufacturing industry. Digital locks are much more complex and, therefore, more secure. These locks are produced in various shapes.

Using a keyboard is just one way to unlock it. In more advanced safes, biometric features such as iris scanning, fingerprinting and face recognition multiply the security of digital locks.

The complexity of unlocking a digital safe for thieves and even locksmith near me providers made this product very popular. Of course, mechanical locks are more resistant to environmental conditions.

We can mention other safes like hidden safes that are mounted on the wall or floor and decorative safes.

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Office And Home Safes

In another category, commercial locksmiths divide safes into office and home types.

Home Safes

Home safes are smaller than office safes. These safes are lightweight and, therefore, can be screwed to the floor or wall for more security. Most home safes use digital systems. This makes them more secure and easier to use. The main disadvantage of home safes is their low resistance to heat and fire.

Office Safes

Office safes come in various sizes, from small for offices to very large used in banks and large organisations. The heavyweight of the office safe prevents theft. They all have high resistance to events such as fire.

In addition, there is another small safe that only has space for paper documents. These safes are usually fireproof, lightweight and portable. Portable safes are suitable for people who move important documents.

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